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CAB Management System

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CAB Management System (CMS) provides a complete solution to all your day to day cab office running needs helping you streamline you business from booking and dispatch to invoicing, reporting and driver management tools. It is fast and easy to use, robust and logical. It will make your booking and dispatch efficient, reliable and accurate. It will transform your business by eliminating many repetitive tasks saving you hours of ad hoc work. Not only will you save on the administration costs but also have a powerful marketing tool at your fingertips to help you attract new business. A variety of value added functionalities has been implemented to empower the booking handling process and provide easy and powerful management and reporting tools.

Our products are developed with prior experience, knowledge and support of the industry and consists of a dedicated desktop application CMS Desktop online booking tools CMS Online and an advanced mobile application CMS Mobile for the drivers.

CMS is a proven and reliable system that has been developed through customer feedback, practical experience and knowledge of many Cab operators.

With our products your business will have all it needs to accelerate its growth, but if you think a tool is missing that could catapult your business to the top let us know and we can build it for you Additional functionality request form


CMS Desktop

The heart of the CMS is the control centre software. This includes our CMS Desktop dispatcher software which allows each call-taker to book jobs, track Vehicles on a live map display, view the activity in the system, and resolve problems. Our computerized booking handling system offers efficient, easy to understand and hassle free booking handling by taking the advantage of modern technology but at the same time keeping the interface simple to understand and use.

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CMS Mobile

The CMS Mobile is a user friendly application for cab drivers and part of the CMS solution. Based on Windows Mobile and completely touch screen menu driven and paired with the CMS Desktop and GPS navigation the software streamlines the dispatch process by assigning the jobs to the driver closest to the pickup point. It also provides the driver with all the job details and directions right in the palm of his/her hand. The GPS data also enables the controller to tack the fleet at all times.

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CMS Online

CMS Online allows customers to make their bookings directly on your web site. They can book from any PC, Mac or even mobile device at anytime and from anywhere. Once a booking is made the customer is immediately sent an email confirming their booking. The dispatcher can decide how the bookings will be posted into CMS Desktop. Either the controller can allow the booking to be posted directly into CMS Desktop without controller intervention (e.g. for your best account customer).

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