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There are many ways you can empower Your Business with CMS. The prices start from less than £25 a week. The available options are:

Outright software purchase

If you like to own all your software and are likely to run it multiple computers the outright software purchase will be the best choice for you. This way you will fully own your software and we will set it up it on as many computers as you like.

Software lease

If you like to own all of your software and hardware but you would like to minimise the month to month cost of running your it setup than a software lease is the way for you. For a low monthly price you will be able to start work on you new IT system right away and after the contract period finishes you will get to keep all the software and/or hardware.

Software rental

For those of you who like low prices and believe in software as a service there s the software rental option. This means that although you will not own the actual product for the duration of the contract you get to take full advantage of all the features and support at and incredibly low price.


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